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All our classes are held at Dundee Ceramics Workshop at WASPS Meadow Mill. The studio is accessible by lift and stairs. If you have any questions about accessibility please send us an email

Click on the classes below for more information on how to book, prices and availability. 


As well as our beloved day courses and class blocks, we sometimes partner up with our pals in Dundee to host one of a kind events! Up for doing something a bit different and making some pottery at the same time? See our wonderful events below:

Day Courses

Fancy trying ceramics but don’t want to commit to one of our 4-6 week courses? From pet bowls, to planters and mugs we have the perfect day course for you. Come along on your own or make a day of it with some loved ones.

Wheel & Hand Building Courses

Unsure whether wheel throwing or hand building is for you? Why not try both during one of our combined classes below?

Hand Building Courses

During our hand building courses you can learn traditional techniques such as coiling, slab building and pinching. These ancient techniques can be used to create functional or ornamental pieces. If you’re intersted in creating geometric forms or sculptural pieces, the below classes are a brilliant starting point for your journey with hand built ceramics!

Beginner’s Wheel Throwing

From centering clay to pulling walls, during our wheel throwing classes you’ll come away knowing the basic principles of throwing. This class is suitable for complete beginners with no previous wheel throwing experience.

Intermediate Wheel Throwing

This course is suited towards those that know the basics of wheel throwing and want to move on to more complex forms such as bottle shapes and large plates. If you can center clay and throw simple cylindrical shapes then this course is perfect for you!

Advanced Wheel Throwing

Through research, design and experimentation, this course will focus on the techniques required to be able to create specific vessels such as lidded jars, butter bells, large vases and platters. You’ll also be introduced to advanced trimming techniques which will enable you to trim galleries in jars, using trimming to incorporate decorative patterns, and how to use a chuck to center a piece on the wheel. More blocks coming soon!

If you’ve taken part in one of our classes and you’d like to kindly provide some feedback, please click here.

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