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DCW is a sub collective of Tin Roof. Tin Roof is a registered Scottish Charity and as such is a not-for-profit organisation. We are run by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, working hard to deliver classes, tuition, kiln hire, and workshop access to the public and our members. We also deliver a community program to deliver access to essential creative expression to those most in need.

DCW Story:

Dundee Ceramics Workshop was established in 2016 by members of Tin Roof Arts Collective. Founded in 2010 by graduates of DJCAD, Tin Roof collective’s intent was to provide a space for artists and the wider creative community to work and collaborate. Between 2010 and 2016 Tin Roof were based on Bellfield Street in a large industrial warehouse where we provided studio space for nearly 100 artists, a theatre set design company, musicians, a wood and metal workshop and two exhibition spaces used on a regular basis by the local and international community.

In 2016 Tin Roof relocated to Milne’s East Wynd and launched Dundee Ceramics Workshop, providing facilities, classes, kiln hire, and 1-1 tuition for ceramic artists and enthusiasts. This was in response to a huge demand from both artists and the wider community. In 2019 the workshop doubled in size due to increasing membership, when it moved to Wasps Meadow Mill, enabling the collective to expand and diversify, run more classes, and offer studio space for rent again in the form of four small units for ceramic artists. Until the March 2020 we were running regular workshops within the local community, such as youth group Hot Chocolate Trust, allowing young people to access clay techniques for the first time. We are entirely funded by running public classes and offering studio spaces within a social enterprise model.

Due to the lack of income opportunities during the last 2 years, and increased running costs coming out of the pandemic DCW needs your help in order to keep our doors open.

Please, if you can donate anything use the PayPal link to support us so we can continue to deliver creative engagement to oor wee community. Share this with your friends and family and help us get the essential support we need to keep DCW alive and help us deliver our future plans.

Future Plans of DCW:

We have been working hard on developing our community projects, which unfortunately have had to be postponed due to our current situation.

Community Clay:

Where clay is at the fingertips of the local community.

We will offer a series of ceramics classes, each session will be tutor led, with guidance for individuals to develop new skills, and achieve their own creative ambitions. The sessions will be free of charge for the service users of our partner charities, and include an essential travel allowance for each participant – as many of our participants, or their families, live in financial distress. 

We will be working closely with our partner charities to tailor our sessions to their users’ needs. Dundee Ceramics Workshop have the skills and facilities to provide guidance within a large variety of areas, such as; jewellery design, wheel throwing, the creation of functional items and artistic sculptures. The specific class length/format, desired outcomes and location will be decided within the participant-led design sessions. The participants of a specific class may either be solely from one charity, or there will be a mixture of service users from multiple charities at one session, allowing our participants the opportunity to embrace a wider community of friends.

All participants will leave our sessions feeling accomplished, inspired and more confident in their creative abilities after they have taken part in our class. Participants will be provided with all of the pieces that they create throughout the project, which will be a positive reminder of the experience that they have had, and could lead on to participants becoming more involved with the work that we do at Dundee Ceramics Workshop, whether that means becoming a workshop volunteer, signing up as a member, or joining a future Community Clay class.

DCW Artist Talks:

We have planned a program of aArtist talks, to be delivered as live events which will be recorded and added to the DCW online archive as a long term resource for creative practice.

The purpose of this program is to explore the extraordinary depths of creativity, in particular within ceramics, and the immense benefits that it brings to our greater community through the sharing of stories. We will be critically engaging with the fun, freedom, and excitement of ceramics as well as the inherent difficulties be they issues relating to the climate change, or sustaining the futures of our local creatives. Bringing local, national, and international communities together to tell their stories and engage in writing their own futures while drawing from the benefits of creative engagement with clay.

DCW Mural:

Earlier this year we began the process of commissioning a mural for our wee workshop, we received an immense response from local designers, artists, and mural makers. This project will brighten up our workshop and offer an inspiring atmosphere for our workshop users. Due to the unforeseen costs that have arisen for us in recent months we have had to delay this project.

Donate to help keep DCW running using the JustGiving link below.

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