Dundee Ceramics Workshop are looking for new tutors!

We’re looking for proposals for courses that will last between four and six weeks, that are suitable for those of either beginner or intermediate level. Ideally the courses will begin in September/October 2021 and will introduce participants to a range of hand-building or wheel-throwing techniques (or a combination of both). We are also interested in courses that explore specialist techniques.

We’d like proposed courses to run throughout the rest of this year and into early next year, though we’re flexible on the frequency and with how much time you’d like to take between scheduling blocks. Our maximum class capacity is currently six, and classes typically last 2 or 2.5 hours.

If you’ve got experience of a variety of ceramic techniques and have some teaching experience, we’d like to hear from you! Your proposal can be as simple as you’d like (i.e. a breakdown of skills learned and outcomes from week-to-week), with some information on your past experience. You can submit more than one class proposal if you’d like to.

Here are some examples of specialist classes we’d be open to running:

  • A jewellery/wearables class
  • Surface decoration and glazing techniques
  • Slip casting and mould-making

DCW will provide materials and tools for classes (we have two wheels), and our kiln technicians will handle firing. Tutors are paid £25 per hour, and we suggest half an hour for prep/clean up for Handbuilding, and half an hour for prep/an hour for clean up for wheel throwing sessions . We’ll also provide a parking pass for use whilst teaching. 

We’re also happy to hear from people who would like to host one-day classes or weekend/short courses, particularly if you have less teaching experience or would prefer not to commit to longer course lengths.

Deadline: 30th of August 2021

Please email info@dundeeceramicsworkshop.com for an application form or if you have any questions.

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