Open Call: Mural for Dundee Ceramics Workshop

We’re looking for an artist to create a mural and help brighten up our workshop!

We’d like to see something impactful and that is related to DCW/clay in some way. This is open to your artistic interpretation; you’re welcome to incorporate ceramic elements into the design, but this is not a necessity. We’re open to any and all ideas as to style, colour, concept, boundaries, so long as your ideas are related to the purpose of the workshop: providing opportunities for anyone inspired to play with clay.

This is open to all practicing artists and students alike, and can be from individuals, partnerships and groups. Previous experience with murals is not required; just a keen interest and dedication in making one for us.

What we’d like interested artists to submit:

  • A rough sketch and/or a couple of sentences about your ideas for the space – please keep this as simple and succinct as possible
  • Previous work and/or links to your online portfolio – again, this does not require previous mural work, we’d just like to get an idea of the kind of things you like to make
  • From these applications we will be making a shortlist of artists whose work we think would be right for the space. Shortlisted artists will be asked to spend a couple of hours developing and expanding their design for consideration, with one design being chosen for the commission. Shortlisted artists will receive £50 to compensate for the time required to develop their idea.


  • Selected artist must have Public Liability Insurance (we can recommend affordable providers).
  • We’d like the selected design to take no more than five days to create/install, in order to ensure the fee is as fair as possible (does not have to be consecutive days).
  • If you would like to incorporate ceramic elements into your design, please be mindful that although we can facilitate the creation of these through material/workshop/kiln provision, we are unable to provide teaching and as such you would need to be able to create these elements unassisted. We’ll stress that including ceramic elements is optional and not a requirement.
  • We would love you to document your process so we can share this with others via our blog and social media.


  • Wall dimensions: 4m x 4m
  • Commission fee: £1,000 (artwork/installation)
    £200 (materials)

For applicants that require any additional support, please feel free to discuss this with us and we will work to accommodate any requirements you may need.

Applications can be submitted to the Dundee Ceramics Workshop email with the subject line ‘Mural Submission’ by midnight on 31 July

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