Get to know us: Lauren Morsley

Did you know that DCW is run by a volunteer committee? Well, we are! We meet each week to oversee day-to-day planning in the workshop, and each contribute to DCW’s future and vision. We also have two technicians, an administrator and wonderful volunteers, plus a board of directors who help us get stuff done.

In a bid to shine a light on our gang, we’re going to share some Q&As with folks involved at the workshop. This week we’re talking to Lauren Morsley – the queen of shapes and colour palettes!

Firstly, tell us about yourself!

The basics are that I live in Fife, I have a pet cat called Ziggy and I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone in 2018 studying Illustration. Aside from creative things, I love to cook and travel as much as I can. I also love watching films/series and learning about how they are made and reading the scripts.

What’s your role within DCW?

I am a volunteer committee member for DCW. I often open up the workshop on Tuesdays and I work on a lot of illustration/design work for promotional materials.

What sort of work do you create in your professional practice/what’s your day job/career/vocation/calling?

I am a self employed illustrator and designer. I have worked on commissions for clients like Fiverr, Lush and V&A Dundee. I also make and sell my own illustrated prints and products! I would also like to work in film someday either in art departments and/or writing.

What is your experience of working in clay?

I first started working with clay in my third year of Illustration at DJCAD ceramics department and went on to create brightly coloured characters for part of my degree show. I mainly work using hand building techniques.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Just apply. Apply for the job you don’t think you are qualified or experienced enough for. Apply for new opportunities even if they scare you. Apply yourself to everything and anything you do. You just never know what will be your next step in life so you may as well give yourself as many opportunities as possible.

Who are your role models? Who or what inspires and encourages you?

My family inspire me, literally the hardest working and passionate people I know. 

What does DCW mean to you?

DCW is a community that I feel honoured to be part of. Not only has it allowed me to continue to make ceramics after university, but I have met new amazing creative people. More places need a hub of creativity like DCW.

Hopes for the future of DCW?

I would love to see it expand and become a large space for creatives to collaborate and work alongside each other. Maybe even have some woodworking or printmaking facilities- oh the possibilities! 

Check out more of Lauren’s work here:

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