Join the DCW Committee!

We have an exciting opportunity to join our community of artists and clay enthusiasts. We’re looking for new volunteer committee members to assist with the running of our ceramics workshop and contribute to our development and vision.

An important part of running DCW is making sure the space is regularly open for use for DCW members and the public. Successful applicants should ideally be able to commit at least three hours a week to opening and supervising the workshop (we’ll note that the workshop is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions, but that we’re planning ahead to allowing people to visit the workshop again).

General responsibilities involve coordinating day-to-day running of the organisation; opening/closing the space; responding to emails and enquiries; communicating with the general public; liaising with other organisations; PR and marketing; attending events and meetings; positively representing DCW in public; and contributing to the development and vision for Tin Roof: Dundee Ceramic Workshop.

We have high expectations of our volunteers and they are required to be trustworthy, honest, reliable and responsible. In return, volunteers have access to the workshop and are welcome to sit in on any classes, learning valuable ceramics skills and networking with other ceramicists.

Applicants must be based in or near Dundee. No formal education or qualifications are necessary but applicants must demonstrate an interest and/or understanding of ceramics and a willingness to learn.

We expect volunteer committee members to commit to approximately 3 hours workshop cover plus attendance to weekly committee meetings. If selected you will be given an induction to the space; support and guidance from the rest of the organisation; health and safety training for the workshop and opportunities for formal qualifications and training if interested.

Deadline: Sunday 16th August 2019

Please email for an application form or with any enquiries.

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