Graduate Internship

We are super excited to be offering our first DCW Graduate Internship! We’re inviting DJCAD class of 2020 graduates living locally or in Dundee to apply to join us for a year of creating, collaboration and professional development as part of the DCW committee.

The internship consists of:

  • Full DCW Membership for one year (no fee)
  • A solo exhibition of work to be displayed on the completion of the internship
  • One year of mentoring
  • A committee position – involvement in the day to day running of the arts studio collective.

Mentoring will see us providing professional development support, including access to training opportunities, guidance with applications, connection to work opportunities etc.

Your position on the committee will provide the opportunity to develop yourself as a practising artist through the experience of applying for funding, organising events and exhibitions, collaboration with other artists, networking with partner organisations and developing your own practice. This position includes attendance at weekly committee meetings (Tuesdays at 6pm), and assisting with various responsibilities within the organisation. For this we ask you to dedicate approximately six hours per week of your time.

The internship will run from 1 September 2020 until 31 August 2021, although start dates can be agreed independently.

Applications welcome by email to

Get in touch by Monday 17th of August, with:

  • A brief statement about yourself, your practice and your ideas for how you could use this opportunity.
  • Some examples of your work, either via a website or link to some recent images of your work.

We’ll note that there is no requirement for applicants to be a ceramicist or have ceramics be the main focus of your practice, however an interest in engaging clay in your professional practice over the next 12 months is encouraged.

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