Committee Member Spotlight: Hannah George

Hannah George is one of our recently recruited committee members, a current 4th year student at DJCAD and talented multidisciplinary artist. Read on to hear more about her work and how she came to join us at Tin Roof…

Graduation is a scary thing. It’s even scarier for an art student who is so used to having access to multiple different facilities and workshops. The prospect of finding a studio space with the right facilities to continue creating work is very daunting.

I decided to apply to become a committee member with Tin Roof as I wanted to explore the Dundee creative scene and gain knowledge on the daily running of a workshop. For someone who mainly uses clay to create their work- the opening of Dundee Ceramics Workshop seemed so perfect! I was interested in the work space and the prospect of being able to gain experience teaching workshops whilst also having a space which I could continue to create work in. I feel it’s a great opportunity to mix with different artists, makers and designers creating a community feel as I was worried about the post- uni loneliness of working solo.

Although, at the moment I have taken more of a backseat role in the committee whilst I work towards the Degree Show- I have already learnt so much. The main thing being that wheel throwing sounds way more difficult than what it looks! However, I’m looking forward to being able to bring what I have learnt working towards my degree to the workshop and work on some exciting projects.

Currently, I am working on creating a large scale wall installation based on the media’s view of women and being a woman in the 21st century. I have been creating collages of female faces using porcelain which I have painted to distort the facial features.  I am hugely inspired by spoken word poetry so have created small pieces of porcelain with painted writing of how I have personally been effected and influenced by the media. I have collated all of this together with images of women’s rights protests to questions if society’s views of women have changed over the decades.

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