Linda Bolsakova: Is Ceramics Your Cup of Tea?

‘Is Ceramics Your Cup of Tea?’ with Linda Bolsakova

Recently we invited talented ceramics artist and DJCAD graduate Linda Bolsakova to lead a workshop with us at DCW. Linda’s practice is mainly sculptural, informed by natural processes and encourages the appreciation of the utility of objects.

Inspired by an interest in the values of Everyday Aesthetics, Linda proposed a get-together for anyone interested in ceramics, where participants would make a mug, glaze it and drink from it over three sessions. The sessions explored building techniques such as coiling and slab building, followed by bisque-firing the mugs ready for experimenting with glazing techniques for decoration. After a second firing, participants were able to collect their mugs and join in an informal tea drinking session from their own handmade mugs.

To learn more about Linda’s work please visit her website here

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