Volunteer Application

We are looking for Workshop Volunteers to assist us with the day to day running of the workshop:

Workshop Volunteer

– Opening and closing the space to enable our members to access our facilities.

– Money handling – Accepting payment for session, material and firing fee’s.

– Keeping things tidy by completing our ‘closing checklist’ before you leave.


Applicants must have an interest in ceramics and be based in or near Dundee. They must be able to commit to the hours they sign themself up for, including during the summer months. No formal education or qualifications are necessary but applicants must demonstrate an understanding of ceramics and a willingness to learn. We expect volunteers to commit to approximately 4 hours each week. (Depending on the class schedule) Volunteers will be given an induction to the space as well as health and safety training for the studio.

Thank you for considering becoming a Volunteer with Dundee Ceramics Workshop and for taking the time to complete this application. Please complete the fields below and click submit when you’re done. We can’t wait to read your application!

Personal Details

About You


If you are successful in becoming one of our Workshop Volunteers, what would your availability be?


Please provide details of two referees.

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